Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone, whether you have a special someone or a few — your girlfriends! A private dinner doesn’t always have to be for two, so if you and a couple good friends want to celebrate but don’t have a beau to celebrate with, look up one of the classiest restaurants around and make reservations for the group. After all, everyone needs an excuse for a classy night out with the ones you love most! Now that the “What should I do on Valentine’s Day” question is out of the way, let’s focus on the best part…what to wear!

An example of a VDAY Cliche

Everyone’s first instinct is to raid their closet (or quickly sift through their ROYGBIV organized closet) and head for the reds and pinks. STOP right there. Do not do this. As hard as it is, resist the temptation to go with cliche colors, and instead go with classy. If volunteering at a children’s Valentine's Day party or celebrating at a friend’s Valentine’s Day themed party, dressing up in the traditional red and pink may be a fun choice; but for a classy private dinner, drop the candy cane dress or the pink Forever21 shirt that’s raining hearts and instead go with a sophisticated, elegant color.

An example of a VDAY Classy Dress

Stand-out colors for a fabulous Valentine’s Day date are deeper shades like navy, burgundy, emerald, or the classic LBD. If you want to add a touch of color, throw on a vibrant pair of heels—mustard or peach for example. To achieve the poised princess look, check out my example below. I am wearing a navy dress from TopShop that has a graceful look, but has a fresh fun twist to it with the rhinestone embellishments and poncho-style sleeves. If you don’t want to shop through your closet, check out TopShop, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, or H&M for some great last minute deals. And remember, the best thing a classy girl can wear is her confidence!

Happy Valentine's Day sweethearts! Xoxo -- Sunny

Sana Ashraf is a fashion writer and fashion show intern for College Lifestyles and is a junior at the University of Michigan. Sana loves reading fashion magazines, shopping sprees, city lights, color coordinated closets, and all four seasons.