Elizabeth Banks is playing Effie in the Hunger games movies.  I guess she's getting into her role, as she recently engaged in a little smacktalk with the Twilight franchise (emphasis added):
Q. Now’s a good time to bring up “The Hunger Games.’’ It’s a female-driven story.
A. Suzanne [Collins] created an incredible world and it’s thematically amazing, and the scope and scale is awesome, but of course, I love, as a woman, that there’s a heroine. There’s sort of a love triangle - kind of - but it’s much more important that she survives.

Q. I know it’s often compared to “Twilight,’’ but in “The Hunger Games,’’ the stakes are much higher.
A. What are the stakes in “Twilight’’? Like, “I don’t know . . . should I marry this werewolf?’’
Wow Effie, that's a bit dismissive!  But it did get us thinking.

Which set of books has higher stakes?

a) Twilight - It's more than just a love triangle... Riley's Coven is trying to kill Bella, and Bella almost dies giving birth to a vampire baby.
b) The Hunger Games - Can't beat life and death for the tributes fighting in the Hunger games.
c) Who cares.
d) What's more important than eternal love???
e) We're just kidding about d.  Please don't hate.