Designer Lauren Moffatt has released a sneak peek into her Fall 2012 collection. Check out a gallery of her prim-yet-playful pieces after the cut, and then tell us about your favorite designer items!

The clothing was created "created with a prim and proper schoolgirl in mind," and the photo shoot took place in an abandoned school. Based on past collections, we can probably expect prices to range from about $175 to $400. [via Modcloth]

Lauren Moffatt is one of my favorite designers, and this coat is from her fall 2011 line. I love it like some people love their pets. Or children. (I have neither, so I feel less bad for caring so much about an inanimate object.)

Anthropologie sales rack score! While I'm a very frugal person, there are a few designer items in my wardrobe (vintage Oscar de la Renta dress, Marc Jacobs bag) that required splurging. And, while my bank account was thoroughly upset by them, they're high-quality goods that feel glamorous and special to wear.

What do you think of Moffatt's collection? Do you have a favorite designer item that you own?