Weight has always been a touchy topic, something that most women would rather not discuss. A new study has found that when asked, the majority of women claim they weigh nine pounds less than they actually do. 

Researchers have found that one in five women lie about their weight to their partners, and even their closest friends, claiming that they weigh nine pounds less than what the scale says. The study surveyed 2,000 women and concluded that most women wanted to be between 120-126 pounds, with a bra size of 34C. The study also found that women do not only lie about their weight, but also their dress size, bra size and shoe size. 

Vincent Lee, spokesperson for the study, warns that it can be unhealthy for women to lie about their weight because eventually they will start believing their own lies, citing that: "17 percent of women even cut out the labels in their clothes and bras to keep up the pretense that they are smaller than they are". If women are lying about their weight, they may ignore keeping up a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise and a balanced diet. 

The study suggests that many women are embarrassed about their weight and lying about it gives them a confidence boost. I do not believe that lying should be the best way to obtain a confidence boost. I believe that if women are uncomfortable discussing their weight, they simply should not discuss it. Lying about it just leads to a false confidence  boost that is not beneficial to anybody, especially yourself.

Do you lie about your weight? Do you think there is any benefit of lying about it?