The Cinnamon Challenge, if the Internet has yet to penetrate every facet of your life, goes as follows:

A prank in which one person dares another to swallow, without the aid of water, a spoonful of ground cinnamon within sixty seconds. The spice dries the challenge taker’s mouth and is almost impossible to swallow. Some accidentally inhale the cinnamon which causes temporary but severe chest pain, much to the amusement of the challenger. Challengers use prize money as persuasion.

[via TheWire]

It's been around awhile, and it calls close friends the likes of the Saltine Challenge and the Milk Gallon Challenge. But lately the Cinnamon Challenge has enjoyed a YouTube revival, much to our sympathetically painful amusement, and it's brought out the best and worst in some people aiming to claim top honors in Internet insanity.

First we'll start with a six-year-old kid who would have you believe the Cinnamon Challenge is not a big deal.

Then a YouTube celebrity(?) pretty much digs her own grave by trying to swallow a ladle full of ground cinnamon — hilarity ensues.

Then this very stylish guy seems to think the Cinnamon Challenge is a wimpy endeavor, and instead opts for a whole ghost chili. This is Internet self-sacrifice at its finest. I really hope he's okay.

And if that wasn't enough for you, one man — one very at least temporarily insane man — overcame all better reason for the "Gauntlet Challenge" (?), something he may or may not have just made up to severely torture himself and possibly incur brain damage. I have no idea, but watch it at your own risk. [via TheDailyWhat]

The moral of the story: Some people will do just about anything to garner attention on the Internet.

What's your take on this self-inflicted discomfort? Have you ever tried any of the Internet's "Challenges?" Would you?