While some people may be super excited for February 14th, to me it's just another Tuesday. With it signifying no real purpose to me, I tend to fall into the category of people who think it's just a Hallmark holiday. It's a chance for the economy to boom due to all the selling of the cards, the flowers, the candy, and the hearts that are sold in stores well, everywhere. But are these things really meaningful? Is a heart full of chocolates really a gesture that says: I love you or I'm glad you're in my life. Or better yet, should there even be a grand gesture?

Now, I've gotten my fair share of Valentine's day gifts even though I don't believe in the holiday. I got the candy hearts when I was younger, a few flowers, and even some genuinely thoughtful gifts, but it still makes me wonder what's the point? Sure, it's always nice to get presents, and to have that little reminder that someone is thinking about you, but should you have to be reminded? Now maybe I'm cynical (and trust me you won't be the first to tell me so) but it all just seems a little too forced to me. If you love someone you should tell them and prove it to them everyday because you want to and you feel it, not because the calendar is telling you too.

But, with all that said, I know some people do take this day pretty seriously, and put a lot of thought into making sure that someone gets this truly awesome and amazing day. Maybe it's something like a fancy night out, or something so simple yet genuine that it takes your breath away. Whatever it is, I know some of you out there have had some pretty amazing things done for you, or even done some amazing things for the ones you love. So while I may not believe in the holiday, I know a lot of people do. So, I'm leaving it up to you guys to start spreading the love and maybe, just maybe, make me a believer.

So let's hear it! What was the best Valentine's Day gift you ever got? Any great stories?