Dear Solange Knowles,

Your sister might be stealing headlines with her baby news and her rap legend beau, but you're still number one in my heart for your absolutely fearlessly fabulous personal style.

Love, Kackie.

Yep, I'm obsessed. My sister refers to style like this as "advanced dressing" in the sense that Solange's style is so uniquely her own, we wouldn't dream of attempting to rip it off. Solange's effortless appearance can be attributed partially to good genes, partially to her foray into the fashion world as of late, and definitely to her proudly natural hairdo. She's become an icon of the unrelaxed 'do, seldom seen rocking extravagant coiffing a la Rihanna or smoothed styles like her sister's.

Since heading up the spinoff collection of sister-and-mom's project House of Dareon, a juniors collection entitled simply Dareon, Solange has made a name for herself as more than an Ashlee to Beyoncé's Jessica Simpson, and has hammered out a style niche all her own. She now lives in Brooklyn with her son Daniel Jr., and continues kicking butt on the style front.

What do you think about Solange's fearless approach to fashion?

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