Students at a Pennsylvania university can now obtain the "morning-after" pill on campus. No, not through the student health center pharmacy or a quick appointment but rather, through a vending machine at the campus health center. This unusual method of distribution will make the Plan-B pill more accessible to the student body. 

The already controversial emergency contraception Plan B can be used to prevent pregnancy up to three days after having unprotected sex. Plan B is available without a prescription to anyone 17 or older. The new vending machine inside Shippensburg University's Etter Health Center provides Plan B for $25 a dose, as well as condoms, decongestants, and pregnancy tests. Shippensburg University will not profit from any sales. Plan B is not covered or subsidized by the school. It is supplied for $25, the school’s cost to the pharmaceutical company.

Vice-President for Student Affairs Roger Serr says the machine was installed after a request from the student association: "We had some conversations with them and they did a survey of the student body, and we got an 85% response rate that the students supported Plan B in the House Center". 

Do you think the Plan B vending machine is a good idea?