Within the past four years I have lived in two cities and a college town without a car. Public transportation has become a close friend, providing access to the outside world through corner bus stops and underground railways. Every once in a while (after a night out or an early morning flight), public transportation is no longer an option. Instead I resort to over priced taxi-cabs, as they are the quickest way to get from point A to point B.

Because a cab driver encounters a wide array of customers each day, I often wonder if any of those customers stand out.

 You share only a short time together, only enough to show one side of you.  Cab drivers have to assume things about you, right? Where are you going and why? Where did you come from? I always like to wonder what lasting impression someone can make in such brief encounters. 

Have you ever done something ridiculous in a cab? Have you ever wondered what your driver thinks of you?