Everyone gets all up in arms over "women's rights." I hear it all the time, "It's her body; it should be her choice!" But... it's his BABY too. Why doesn't he have a choice?

If a woman doesn't want a baby, she can give up her parental rights just as easily as a man can. It happens all the time that the woman takes care of the child on her own because the father doesn't want it. So... why should she be able to deny the father that opportunity? If he wants that child, why is it acceptable for her to deny him that? (And, please, give me a better argument than "Her body, her choice" because that dead horse has been beaten a million times over.)

Sure, there's always the easy way out: "I don't know who the father is," but let's pretend the woman knows and isn't cruel enough to lie about it. Why should she be able to have an abortion, ending a pregnancy that would give her partner a child that he wants (if he does, obviously)? 

First of all, paternal rights DO fall under the topic of "gender inequality in reproductive rights," even though Lovelyish would have you believe otherwise. (Unfortunately, I'm sure this will be cut out... IF my post even makes it to Lovelyish's page.) I dare someone to try to "prove" that they don't.

Secondly, I'm totally prepared for the crazies to come to my site and call me "psycho" and whatever else they can come up with. Previously, when I blogged under another name, I wasn't expecting that, and it got out of hand. This time, however, I know how insane the -ish readers can be (especially about controversial topics). AND I refuse to make ANOTHER new Xanga just because people can't control themselves! (Don't feel bad; I know how it gets in the heat of the moment. Thus, this post.)

Now, let's get down to the real business at hand. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-ABORTION POST!!! I am not anti-abortion! But that's another for another blog...)

Why shouldn't a man be able to deny a woman her so-called "right" to an abortion when it is HIS child in her womb? Why should a woman be able to decide that a child they made together shouldn't be born if the father wants it to be born?

Lovelyish responds:

Dear yourkbear

As we posted in response to your earlier comment:

You are correct that paternal rights falls under gender inequality. I didn't mention gender inequality though - I mentioned gender equity in reproductive rights. Specifically, I was referring to the two examples of reproductive rights given in the post: getting an abortion versus getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction.

In any case, we welcome your extended thoughts on paternal rights in the form of a blog post.

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