You heard right. There's an official holiday for everyone's favorite chocolatey hazelnut spread. I can't complain -- the stuff makes my heart flutter with excitement -- so bring on the festivities!

In 2007 Sara Rosso, an American blogger and tech extraordinaire living in Italy decided to use her influence for good when she suggested the need for a holiday to celebrate Nutella. I think all days that end in Y are a great day to celebrate Nutella, but a few more people jumped on board including the blog Bleeding Espresso, and it's been spreading every year since.

Espresso, Italy, blogging, and Nutella. This sounds like a gig I want in on. Their official site has links to some 700 Nutella recipes, and I'll include my favorite:

1 spoon
1+ jar of Nutella

Step 1: Use spoon to transfer Nutella to mouth.

If you don't have a spoon, you can substitute your hand.