One summer I was flying out to Chicago to visit my college sweetheart, and my mom offered to pack my lunch. I should have been suspicious when she handed me a unusually stuffed brown paper bag filled to the brim. But alas, I thought nothing of it and made my way to the airport.

Once I was seated on the plane, I eagerly ripped open my lunch to see what Mom had packed. Turns out, Mom had packed the top half of the bag with dozens of condoms. The condoms exploded out of the bag, showering the floor with a multi-colored rainbow. The entire surrounding portion of my flight burst into laughter, as I was forced to crawl around on my hands and knees picking condoms off the floor.

  Many attempts at humor were made by my seatmates, but I was not in a position to see the humor at the time.

This all happened before the flight even took off. So after I had all of my mom's condoms (!!!) back in the bag, I had to sit back down and fly from DC to Chicago next to about a dozen people who spent the entire trick chuckling to themselves.


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