The world of fictional female characters can be cluttered and confusing. Thankfully, there's a handy flowchart from to help you sort out society's heroines, villainesses and everything in-between (which apparently mostly consists of characters like "shrew" and "ugly duckling"). Check it out after the cut!

Click the screenshot for the full chart (hat tip to voicimessecrets!):


My favorite character types here are the evil matriarch (hellooo, Lucille Bluth!) and the wild card. However, some categories are a bit...asininely-labelled, such as the "psycho feminist lesbian amazon" (really, can we please stop pairing "feminist" with "psycho"?), "dead slut" and "attention whore". Actually, looking through these, it seems like most categories aren't exactly woman-friendly.

Maybe they aren't all blatantly offensive, but it seems the authors painted characters with negative stereotypes like "sassmouth" and "clingy girlfriend"  more than ones like "badass". And even the "badass" labels have to have "cutesy" and "waif" attached to them.

Do you think its just because the creators of the graph are narrow-minded juveniles? Couldn't they have labeled Marge Simpson as "kickass mom" as opposed to "suffering wife"? Or does the chart say something about society as a whole? Or maybe I'm just a "psycho feminist amazon" who is overdoing it.

What do you think of the graph?