A Lovely writes:

i’ve always had a few dry spots on my face, but recently, i noticed the skin under my eyebrows is so flaky! not to the point where flakes are falling off my face, but i can see little pieces if  i look close. i moisturize twice a day, and i’ve used a dry toothbrush to scrub them, but they don’t seem to get any better. does anyone know why this is happening, or have any remedies?

I think this technically qualifies as a hair issue, and while I share your issue, so do a lot of my clients. They ask me about it all the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not often just their eyebrows. Since you have to look closely and scratch to see the flakes at first, you might not have noticed a few patches of the dry skin on your scalp, as well. It could be from any number of things, but here are the most common ones I see:

1. Dandruff Yep, you can get it anywhere there’s hair. Fortunately your eyebrows aren’t at the risk of looking “greasy” so you can treat them with lotion just like the rest of your skin. Also, believe it or not the flakiness can be exacerbated by the area staying wet for a long period of time. What? You don’t blow-dry your eyebrows? Yeah, neither do I. But drying them right out of the shower and then putting some lotion — I use Aquaphor sometimes, and have just started using a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid, but more on that later — might really help to cut down on the annoying flakes.

2. Eczema and Psoriasis. They’re so common it’s ridiculous. They’re both autoimmune skin disorders which means that your skin tries really hard to defend itself against a threat that might not even be there. Again, skin staying wet makes it worse. While my own case of psoriasis stays on my scalp for the most part so I feel bad even complaining that much about it, it’s incredibly annoying and itchy, and I hear eczema is just as bad. Needless to say, if this is your issue, the eyebrows wouldn’t be your first sign. But the flake-prone skin seems to come along with these icky culprits, so if you’re already suffering with one, your eyebrows are just a symptom of your body’s overzealous necessity to defend itself. In this case you’d go to your doctor and get a steroid cream to treat the area.

Derma e Hyaluronic Acid Rehydrating Serum

3. Just plain old dry skin. I live in Austin, and even here our winter wrecks my skin. I always end up with that split on the side of my mouth that lasts forever and the combination outrageously dry skin and super over-moisturized oily skin on my face. My legs, again I use Aquaphor, that stuff you use on new tattoos. It’s like industrial grade Vaseline. There are tons of ways to combat dry skin, and short of just covering myself in Chapstick I thought I’d tried everything. Then I just Googled “how to get my skin to look younger.” I’m 24 and the dryness was starting to make my skin look really dull. The overwhelming response was, “Hyaluronic Acid.” I’d heard it for years, but I always just chose to say, “meh.” So this time I caved. I started using Derma e Rehydrating Serum (the stuff pictured above) and my mouth-crack healed up, the dry areas around my nose from constant dabbing my runny nose healed up, and my eyebrows did, too. I hate to sound like a missionary for moisturizer here, but they’re not kidding. Hyaluronic acid, or at least this moisturizer serum stuff I found containing it, really does provide real and lasting moisture.

So those are the things I go over with my clients in these cases, and it doesn’t sound much more serious than that. If it does get out of control, definitely see a doctor, but you might just really be in need of that right product for you. Remember, you can cut down on the flakes by keeping the area dry from water as much as possible, and try to minimize irritation from the face products you might be using by making sure you’re not leaving residue from an acne product or something with a strong drying ingredient in your brows. They are easy to forget about!

Lovelies, do you have experience with this problem? What do you use to remedy it?

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