In a shocking turn of events, 2012's Hollywood batch seem to be elegant, classy...and awfully Photoshopped. Check out additional photos of the shoot and a Vanity Fair 'Hollywood' gallery after the cut!

I couldn't even recognize Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence or Mia Wasikowska on the cover, even though I've seen all three in films.

I'm glad someone let me know that Elizabeth Olsen is here, because I would have mistaken her for just another overly touched-up model. And, really, the two women of color here have to be inside the cover?

I thought Brit Marling, another actress I'm familiar with, was January Jones here. I understand that Vogue's Hollywood photo shoots are supposed to be glamorous, but overdoing the Photoshop isn't the way to go about it. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

What do you think of the shoot? Are some of the actresses unrecognizable, or am I just crazy? What's your favorite cover in the gallery?

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