Usually unfriending someone is a process that lets you slip quietly off their radar. That girl from high school you hung out with once is boring, so with the click of a button she's out of your life. She may come across your profile again someday and try to remember if you were ever even Facebook friends. Easy! That is until now, thanks to the new "Unfriend Finder" app.

"Unfriend Finder" is exactly what it sounds like: a system that alerts users when someone unfriends them. It really sounds like quite the confidence-booster, and now you can sit around analyzing what recent activity may have spurred your cousin's best friend's sister to dissolve your last thread of connection.

The app, which 44 million people have already downloaded, "adds a little 'Unfriends' section to your profile, showing who has dropped you from their friends list, showing who has declined your friend request, and even putting a little red counter of total 'unfriends' in your menu bar." Who wants to torture themselves like this? [via Gawker]

What do you think of the app?