Sometimes I just don't feel like being sugar, spice and all things nice, like girls are often expected to be. Lately fashion has taken a turn for the bad*ss femme and begun introducing pieces that are not just playful and dark, but also dainty, distinctly for girls only. Combining the creepy factor of taxidermy and the unexpected textures of gold, silver and bright colors, these are a far cry from "born to be wild" Harley accessories, and definitely not your mother's pearls. So if you're in the market for a piece that will make some shudder and others look twice, click on. 

25th Floor Hummingbird Skull Pendant Necklace
, $19.99 from Urban Outfitters

This spindly hummingbird skull could be worn to an art show, a family dinner (for your open-minded family), or to a show. I can't take my eyes off of it, and for 20 bucks? That's style for a steal.

Bison Skull Ring From Etsy Seller HidenSeek - $19.00 on Etsy

This little darling is made out of a lightweight resin, and it just scratches the surface of what this seller has to offer. More colors, more animals, more imagination. I suggest taking a look around if this strikes your fancy.

Bird Skull Ring, $16.11 from Asos

Talk about the conversation piece of the evening. I don't know why but I can't resist thinking about finishing off a black-tie ensemble with this ring. Just, because.


Talon Cat Claw Necklace - $115.00 from Bonadrag

Yes, this one is a little pricier, but the pieces are made from a cast of the artist's cat, Arrow's claw, and are made of the real stuff, gold and silver.

Gold Deer Necklace, $9.90 from Amazon

 Slightly more tame but irresistibly adorable, this deer skull is just slightly creepy, mostly just cool. Just in case you're wanting to start off safe in the wearable taxidermy department.

Ah, it's so nice when edgy runway styles make their way to my budget margin. I love shopping for things I think you'll like both in style and price and these pieces are, for the most part, both swoonworthy and affordable. Enjoy! (Oh, and here's the link if you liked the accessory in the lead photo.)

Would you wear any of these cute-yet-creepy pieces?