Now I like daytime drinking just as much as the next girl, but pigskin-tossing and helmet-crashing doesn't really do it for me. Animal Planet nods to people like me (and like you? Maybe?) by hosting an even better alternative to the Super Bowl: the 8th consecutive Puppy Bowl. Say wha...?

Basically, Puppy Bowl features a slew of adorable (and adoptable!) puppies playing hard in a model stadium -- with commentary. Check out the video below to see what you can expect from Puppy Bowl VIII:

Making this year extra special, Puppy Bowl will unveil its new puppy-cams! So it's like you are there! Right there with the puppy!

Unfortunately, there is no audience permitted to the tapings. Instead, canned laughter and jazz music is added post-production. The filming usually takes about 12 hours a day for three days. Last year involved 47 puppies. That's a lot of cute, Lovelies.

The first four installments measured 180 minutes each, but now the show runs a solid two hours, to keep things lively. Included among the lively elements is the Kitty Half-Time show -- which sounds infinitely better than anyone's nip-slip.

Meet the starting line-up in the gallery and be sure to tune into Animal Planet February 5 at 3 p.m. Eastern to catch the fun!

Do you ever watch Puppy Bowl? Will you this year? Would you rank this as more awesome than the Super Bowl? Are you a puppy fan? Who, among the starting line-up do you really think will bring home the Beggin? (I vote Fonzie!)

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