These photos aren't necessarily about Emma Roberts; she is, weirdly, just a side character in what appears to be an art collection by photographer Tyler Shields. The photos feature Barbies binge drinking, doing drugs, and covered in blood. 

[via Crushable

When it comes to Barbie, and art, it could be said that anything goes. However, this might just be too many steps in the "what on earth" direction. Emma Roberts is featured peering through a hole in the wall at various Barbie scenes and she wears only one expression: shock. Or maybe it's horror? Or maybe it's a concoction of both...

I never played with Barbies when I was little. I owned them, but I spent most of the time finding various ways to get rid of them so I could go outside and play. Even without an attachment to this miniaturized lady, these pictures kind of disrupt my nostalgia for childhood. I prefer my Barbies shoved in the bottom of my toybox, thanks, not covered in blood with Emma Roberts peeking in. 

For more photos, check out the gallery! [via Tyler Shields

Lovelies, what do you think of these photos? Weird, creepy or just good art?