My name is Kackie, and I'm a Buffalo wing addict. I love them... the buttery, spicy, crispy combo. My hot wing obsession isn't going anywhere, and these cupcakes are calling my name, just in time for the Super Bowl. 

I'm not really a professional football fan, per se, but I'll take any excuse to combine two of my favorite things: in this case cake and hot wings. This recipe was developed by a true artist by the name of (just) Stef from the Cupcake Project who thought, "what the heck," and ended up making something truly tasty. Here's her own Q and A on the recipe:

Q.  Are the buffalo chicken cupcakes sweet?

A.  They are sweet in the way that cornbread is sweet. They have sugar, but they wouldn't make a satisfying dessert.

Q.  Are buffalo chicken cupcakes a dessert or an appetizer?
A.  I'd serve them as an appetizer.  

Q.  Is there chicken in the cupcake?
A.  No, just on top.

Q.  Are the cupcakes spicy?
A.  It depends on which hot sauce you use.  I used a medium hot sauce and they were just a tad bit spicy.

Q.  Is the blue cheese overwhelming?
A.  Blue cheese can easily become an overpowering flavor.  I put just enough blue cheese in the cupcake and frosting to give them some tang without making the whole thing taste like blue cheese.

Q.  Which team are you rooting for?
A.  Since the Rams are already out of the running, I've got to go with the Giants.  I grew up in New York so they were the team my family always cheered for.

You can click through to her recipe for the experimental noms here. My mouth is already watering. Who's playing in the Super Bowl again? [via Buzzfeed]

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