Fashion-loving Hunger Games fans got excited two weeks ago when a blog teaser page was released. Now the "Capitol Couture" site has launched, and it's filled with plenty of extravagance. Check some out after the cut!

The blog features a brief GIF where we get a glimpse of Effie's intricate satin getup in action. It looks just as fun on film as in photo:

And there's plenty of focus on shoes, of course:

(I like how they keep in futuristic character by calling those Alexander McQueen booties "vintage.")

And, lest we forget the Hunger Games nail polish ordeal, Capitol Couture has a infographic related to the line:

There's a number of other attempts to combine futuristic society with modern fashion, which is slightly cheesy but mostly enjoyable. Check them out at the source! [via Capitol Couture]

What do you think of the site? Does this make you even more excited for the movie?