British beauty site FeelUnique recently ran a poll to find the world's "Ultimate Celebrity" -- a woman who has the best traits from some of the world’s most beautiful women -- and created this mash-up using the most popular elements of the most beautiful celebrities. [via People]

Is this what we should want to look like?

To begin this post in the most cliché way possible, I must say that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and that for many women, the {insert insecurity here} are always bigger, thinner, sexier, taller, curvier, cuter, etc. on the other side. On the contrary, consider how many times someone has said to you, "girl you've got great {insert gorgeous physical attribute you were completely oblivious to here}."

Given whatever beauty trend that is presented to us in the media and by way of celebrities, I think it's important that we create a dialogue about what we find beautiful on a personal level. Among the countless types of sex appeal out there, I think women would be shocked by the measure of beauty they don't even realize they possess.  

Let's face it, you look at something long enough human nature proves that in most cases, we will inevitably become tire of it. For instance, I'm sick to death of seeing myself naked and seeing the same friggin' face everyday of my singular existence and sometimes I see a girl walk by and I wonder, "uh what the hell is that b*tch doing wearing my body...?" She has no idea I feel that way, in fact this hypothetical woman, who exists everywhere and around everyone, is probably wondering the same thing about someone else, or maybe, just maybe, she's wondering the same thing about you.

Most of us humans are very highly functioning, cognitively developed individuals, and such beings require stimulation by way of change or growth, but we also, as all animals do, exhibit patterns, preferences and predispositions that I believe differ much more than we realize. I'm no scientist, but I am a girl expert, I've been studying their cryptic, sphynxlike ways for 23 years in contrast with my own female behaviors, we all have, and I think we've all learned a thing or two. 

Megan Fox was one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world, possessing this exotic otherworldly sex appeal. And yet, as we see in photos, this beautiful woman had drastically altered herself simply because what we saw as perfection, was not what she saw as perfection, or that being simply beautiful wasn't enough. It's when we begin to seek perfection that our minds eye becomes dangerous to our bodies and to our self image and to our unique beauty.

Is a Carmen Electra your kind of beautiful?


Or is Zooey Deschenel?


Is Kim Kardashian's exotic bombshell look your ideal?

...or Natalie's earthy beauty?

How 'bout Alessandra Abrosio's long, thin frame?


Or maybe Hayden Panetierre's petite athletic frame?

What about the dangerous curves of Christina Hendricks?

Of course, the list goes on, and I use celebrities as an example because they're recognizable collectively, but also simply because they're accessible on Google. The point is no matter what we look like, no matter how beautiful we are, all of have a beauty ideal we're disappointed we can't attain, and too many of us are dissatisfied with our looks. Everyone has their "I wish I was," "I wish I had," moments, but we should nevertheless all be setting an example for each other. So, next time you see a woman, and you notice how beautiful her eyes are, or how lovely her smile is, or how fantastic her skin looks, tell her, because you'll have the pleasure of  reminding someone on what could be their worst face, body or hair day, that they're wrong, and that they're beautiful.

Aside from what we're told is beautiful, who defines your idea of beautiful and why? Check out the gallery for some thought-provokers.