Recently, I've taken a liking to cheese. And by liking, I mean an extreme and undying love affair that has me trolling the cheese aisle on a weekly to bi-weekly basis at my local Wegman's. 

I have no special cheese schooling, I choose my cheeses by feel. If the squish of the cheese seems acceptable to my senses at that moment, into the basket it goes. Last week I spent $15 on cheese. Plus Honey Dijion mustard, because I need something to dip my cheeses in, obviously. So, let's say on my second week of January 2012 budget there was $20 allotted to cheese and cheese related products. I am not ashamed. I am not proud. I am, however, disgruntled and outraged over the news that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has launched a billboard campaign in Albany New York targeting cheese as a culprit of obesity in the city. Rude. So rude.

Cheese has calcium! Imagine how strong my bones will be! I'll never have osteoporosis! All because of beautiful, tasty, creamy cheese! Come on guys!

I will admit, there's probably some downsides to over consumption of the cheese variety, but there are much, much worse things people are eating that are making their buttons pop. I shall enlighten you, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Listen closely.

1. The Jamba Juice Chocolate Moo'd Power Smoothie. This baby has 900 calories and two pints of Ben and Jerry's Butter Pecan ice cream worth of sugar. I don't know if they're drinking these in Albany, but if they are, I'd say that might have something to do with the tummy bulge.

2. Granola. Granola always gets the rap of a healthy hippie snack, but a serving of Granola packs in almost twice as much sugar and calories as string cheese. Granted, string cheese is not the best preserved snack on the go, and granola is much more portable, the proof is in the science here, people.

3. Chicken Wings. (dang that BBQ sauce looks good) I know way too may people that go for Tuesday night wings. Or Wednesday night wings. Or Thursday night wings. There's a wing day somewhere every day of the gosh darn week. Ten wings costs you about 1500 calories, plus the beer or four that inevitably gets somehow poured into your gullet. That's like 10-plus slices of gruyere cheese. SEE THAT?!

Look, I know that if I eat a truckload of cheese I'll probably grow another booty. I am aware. Everything must be in moderation, of course. But can we please, please stop blaming cheese for all our problems? It's really getting to me.

Do you Lovelies have any food you would defend to the death?