Did you know that Lil Wayne is a skateboarder? Or a fashion designer? Rumor is that he isn't exactly a pro at the former, but he obviously skates enough to create a skate-inspired clothing line. Trukfit, Wayne's line, will sell exclusively on Karmaloop

Lil Wayne seems to have been inspired by more than skateboards themselves because his whole line references other brand name trends worn in the skating community. Those bright sunglasses in the official Trukfit video aren't RayBans and the shoes aren't Vans--they're all part of Trukfit. Watch out American Apparel, SkullCandy and Zumiez, Lil Wayne is coming for you. This collection of nearly 100 items, 40 of which to become available later this month, includes caps, sunglasses, graphic tees, shorts, headphones, socks and sneakers can be seen in the official video (silver spray paint not included). [via Refinery 29]

But what does Trukfit even mean? Lil Wayne explains that back in the day, he took and sold merchandise from clothing booster trucks. "When a person could spot a fake, they'd be like 'you got on the truck fit," Wayne told the audience at his presentation last week. What an impressive history in the fashion industry!

Trukfit is bound to follow in the highly successful and fashionable footsteps of Hip Hop musician created clothing lines including Jay-Z's Rocawear, Beyoncé's Dereon Jeans, Kanye West's Dw and Will.i.am's I.Am. Nicki Minaj recently told Rolling Stone that she expects to have her own clothing line in the next five years. That's something I would definitely love to see.

Hip-hop fashion seems to be so successful because it exaggerates trends and makes extreme fashion choices wearable for many occasions. I would personally love to see collections from other Hip Hop artists like Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys and Kreayshawn. In my dream world, Ne-Yo would design some really classy red carpet wear for men and women, Alicia Keys would have a sassy shoe collection for the many events fierce women attend and Kreayshawn would create an urban-eclectic active wear line for girls who don't want to sacrifice style during their work outs.

What do you think about Trukfit? What Hip Hop artists would you like to see clothing lines from?