Don't you love it when fancy rich people produce (or at least slap their names on) awesome stuff for broke people? Kate Moss is doing just that, with a new lipstick line for Rimmel. Check out a gallery of images from her ad campaign after the cut!

The lipsticks, which are currently available in the U.S., feature hot shades of red to liven up your winter look. They come in glamorous black tubes with Kate's signature on them, so you can feel -- but not actually be -- pricey when getting ready.

Most ladies are pretty picky about lipstick taste and texture, but apparently Kate's "go on super-creamy and smooth... and they TASTE like expensive lipsticks, meaning they taste like nothing." [via XOjane]

I'm not usually one to run out and impulsively buy makeup, but this lipstick looks fancy and sounds promising. There may be a drugstore detour on my way home from work.

What do you think of the lipstick line? Will you try it?