When it comes to relationships, more times than not, things can be broken down into two categories: things that really matter and things that don't. I think we could agree that things that should actually matter would be things like if they treat you with respect and if you could see a future. On the same account, maybe things that don't really matter would be the fact that they chew with their mouth open and like to watching football on Sundays. Usually it's possible to draw the line, but of course that isn't always the case. Sometimes there are those things where you just aren't sure which side of the argument you come down on, things like when it comes to age and relationships, does it matter?

Obviously there are pros and cons to either side. In theory with age usually comes maturity and wisdom, but that's of course not always the case. Technically the more years you add to your life, the more life experiences you are able to have which in turn are ultimately supposed to shape you as a person. But then at the same time we meet those people who are older than us, and we swear they are still in their teens, or we meet younger people who are wise way beyond their years. So I guess the better question isn't does age matter, but should it?

If you look at some celebrity couples, the answer is no. From Eva Longoria (36) and Eduardo Cruz (25) to Jennifer Lopez (42) and Casper Smart (24), these gorgeous and successful women found love and comfort in the arms of men that are a good amount of years younger than them. So what's the problem? Casper Smart doesn't think it should be one. He recently tweeted, "Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite." OK, he doesn't directly mention Lopez, but we can put two and two together, right?

But even with declarations like Smart's, society just keeps on questioning it. So much so, that dating older or younger has almost gotten a stigma attached to it. Somehow if you're dating an older guy, that makes you a "gold digger," and if he's younger, "Cougar" gets tossed in the mix, but why?

At the end of the day if you're in a stable relationship with someone who treats you right and makes you happy, does the fact that there is 10 years between you really have weight? When it comes to the heart, and not to sound too cliche, isn't age really just a number?

So let's hear it. Do you think age matters? Have you ever dated someone significantly older or younger? If you haven't, would you?