Apparently, we're not done with the Honey Badger yet. I was kind of holding out hope this trend would pass, but nope. According to Crushable, there is going to be a honey badger TV show. 

The show will apparently be animated and focused around a professor named "Randall" -- the name of the narrator in the original video. The school's mascot will be the honey badger. One has to wonder what channel this will be on -- given the FCC's penchant to keep naughty language off the television screen's of Americas youth (let's pretend that shows like CSI and Law & Order don't exist and kids can't just watch somebody get shot or raped), I can't imagine a show about the foul-mouthed honey badger will be very entertaining. The funniest part of the video was listening to Randall curse repeatedly... right? 

Either way, I feel like the honey badger trend has officially jumped the shark now. There have been T-shirts, memes, pictures, everything. A TV show? Too far. What's next, rage comic Sunday morning cartoons?

Watch the original video here: 

Lovelies, would you want a honey badger TV show?