Rihanna is no stranger to partying. She doesn't seem to feel the necessity in hiding it, either, which I suppose is boldly admirable considering the industry she's in. We've seen the boozing, but I do believe this might be the first blatantly obvious weed shot we've seen of Rihanna -- that is unless she's taken up a premium cigar smoking hobby. Or joined a country club.

Ahh! The sweet stench of the grape dutch.

Let's face it, Rihanna is getting ripped out of her mind while vacationing in Hawaii. I'm curious to know what the damage control on this incident will be, that is if Rihanna cares enough to bother since she's never seemed to be too inhibited around the cameras before.

Coachella Checklist: Toothbrush, deodorant, sleeping bag, Godiva...

We all remember Vanessa Hudgens Coachella-gate where she was pictured licking a white, powdery substance off of her finger. Now although we were expected to believe Hudgen's was enjoying a finger-full of melted white chocolate -- like any normal person would do at a music festival in the blazing heat. We all know she was probably about to roll her proverbial balls off on some MDMA.

"So, like, do you think in China that Chinese people order American take out and are like, I'm just going to order some American... Whoa, I thought that noise was my heart beat....hahaaa... Dude... You know what would be so good right now?...I totally forgot what I was just saying..."

Here's Rihanna looking high as a weather balloon, and why not? Melting into that lounge chair in her free time doesn't seem to be an affront to anyone, in fact, she probably lost track of time, polished off a bag of Doritos and took a nap. For the most part, I think it's safe to say that people who smoke weed are much less of a threat to others than those who drink legally and especially those who do so to excess.

That is unless one were to doze off with the smoking blunt still in one's mouth, that could be a fire hazard.

Other drugs are an entirely different story and unrelated to this question, but when it comes to marijuana do we really need to be so terrified or judgmental? Is this really that big of a deal, and what, if any damage control do you think will be attempted for Rihanna?