A lot of folks got in engaged during the holidays -- at least according to my Facebook Newsfeed. How many of you now find yourself in the midst of measurements for a bridesmaid dress? And are you now reaching toward veteran status as one?

I hear a lot of brides concerned over the rewearability of their bridesmaids dresses. Often, when most of the people in the wedding party are in their early to mid-20s, one can assume there probably isn't a lot of wealth in there. So it's a kind gesture when that's a deciding factor in choosing the style -- especially when most ring up to about $200 or more.

I've had the great honor as a bridesmaid dress. Once when I was 15 in my cousin's wedding. The second time I was 20 and it was for my sister.

My cousin dressed us in basically the female equivalent of a tuxedo. It hit the tops of my feet and included no color. She said she thought my sister (another bridesmaid, 17 at the time) and I could rewear them for homecoming, prom, etc. It was a nice gesture since I fully recognize that it was in fact her day and she could dress us in whatever she really wanted. However, perhaps because we were indignant teenagers or because the dresses were kinda conventionally ugly (something I still must note at age 24), we never wore them again. I lent mine to a friend for homecoming once, but I'm sure it now just exists collecting dust somewhere in my parents' house.

My sister did a much better job finding a design of dress I'd probably wear again. It was green -- my favorite color. The dress had a nice, simple strapless design. A family friend sewed them to our exact measurements. Unfortunately, however, I lost enough weight right after the wedding that the bodice's boning now protrudes when I try to wear it. I kept hold of it, though, in case my weight fluctuated again and I had the opportunity to rewear it.

Have you ever been able to rewear a bridesmaid dress? Future and former brides, did you try to choose your bridesmaids dresses with a rewear in mind?