When I think about manually stimulating myself to the point of climax, the first environment I fantasize about is a cold, clinical, narrow confined space. I also like to imagine a group of voyeurs in white lab coats watching me throttle myself in a magnetic cylinder while they take notes and stare at an image of my brain. None of that sounds unsexy to me. Not at all...

What I also find to be wildly arousing is if a netted material was draped over my face as my head was anchored in place by a medical vice grip. I mean, I don't know about you, but when I get down to the solo pleasuring, I like to move and breathe as little as possible, in fact the less space the better and if the mechanism I've crawled into sounds like it's about to short circuit and burst into flames, I probably wont even need to touch myself to climax. Once I've reached orgasm, I simply lay there drooling and twitching, and sometimes, I like to pretend I'm a robot.

If you're as sexually adventurous as I obviously am, or you're near Newark, New Jersey, sign yourself up for a medical experiment that is sure to fulfill all of your sexual nightmares. If you choose to accept this mission and manage to get through this study without having a panic attack, sh*tting the hospital sheets or punching yourself in the face to the point of unconsciousness just to escape the horror, then congratulations, you've rubbed your way into the science books.

This is what your brain looks like on your orgasm. 

What scientists have gathered from this study is that the brains of women women -- who must have taken enough Xanax to successfully reach orgasm without having their stomach pumped -- induced activity spanning over 80 regions of their brain. Therefore the orgasm wasn't localized to one particular area, proving orgasms are pretty great I guess. I'm just wondering if they know that women already knew that. I mean, they could have just asked. [via Daily Mail]

All kidding aside, this research is definitely taking valuable strides in helping women who can't achieve orgasm get their lady rocks off. What do you think of this experiment, would you participate in a study like this?