I have a confession: I love cats. It's not just that I watch a lot of feline YouTube videos, or that I'd sometimes rather be petting someone's cat than socializing with them. It's to the extent that one of my secret fears is I'll find my soulmate and he'll be tragically allergic to cats, forcing me to choose between a life without kitties or a life without love. I have lots of crazy cat lady potential. Which is why I'm all about feline-themed ad campaigns, like the Jason Wu line that's coming out. Check out his cat mascot and a gallery of others after the cut!

An aside: I Google image searched for "cats in fashion," and the results made me cackle out loud. I highly advise doing so for gems like this:

So I guess this may be the most fun I've ever had researching for a post (and there have been some great ones).

I will always and forever love the Miu Miu cat prints best, but that Paul & Joe makeup line looks amazing. I'm just afraid I would never actually use any of it, and would instead just occasionally take out the lipstick to creepily admire.

Do you like cats? Which of these campaigns is your favorite?