Recently, a girl posted a video railing against the fact that transgendered boys (who identify as girls) are being allowed to join the Girl Scouts. While you and I, rational thinkers, might not see any problem with such an inclusion, this 14-year-old girl apparently thinks she is in danger and that the Girl Scouts only allow it because they want to sell more cookies. Or maybe they just want to be a decent organization that doesn't discriminate. [via Buzzfeed]

I'm not 100 percent sure of what the logic is, but apparently, this 14-year-old girl feels that allowing transgendered boys into the Girl Scouts disregards many of the Girl Scouts safety rules and regulations. I'm assuming that she's talking about sexual assault or something of that nature -- which is kind of awful, because she's assuming the worst of people she's never met. 

In the end, what bothers me most is how cruel it is. A girl is asking people to boycott Girl Scouts based on the fact that they are allowing those who identify as girls -- regardless of actual gender -- to join the scouts. Um, that's actually kind of awesome of them and I would be proud to call myself a Girl Scout in a troop that set that precedent! The idea of boycotting the Girl Scouts (and those delicious cookies) because they are being more inclusive is just... kind of scummy. 

What do you think? Does this seem completely ridiculous to you? And... would it ever stop you from buying a box of Thin Mints?