Having trouble sticking to your juice cleanse because of the leftover wedding cake in your fridge and the Pringles in your pantry? LG's new THINQ Smart refrigerator wants to help you lose weight. No, it doesn't have a roll out treadmill or 50 pound doors. This appliance tracks your BMI and diet plan for you. Sounds cool right? But what happens when you want just one pudding cup? Your refrigerator is programmed to alert you of your unhealthy choice.

[via The Gloss]

The THINQ fridge scans every item that goes into the fridge and rates its health level. When you reach for an "unhealthy" option, your refrigerator will suggest a better choice or a recipe that fits into your diet. [via Daily Telegraph]

For $3,100, you can give up your self-reliance and hand it over to a fat-shaming appliance. As if television, magazines and your peers weren't enough, now your refrigerator is judging you for your "bad" choices. 

What do you think about LG's new refrigerator? If it weren't for the cost, would you use it?