Thanks to New York governor's Andrew Cuomo sway with Jersey legislators, The Garden State get another shot at gay marriage.

In the new legislative session, NJ democrats plan to reintroduce a marriage equality bill. President of Garden State Equality Steven Goldstein says the change in legislative heart might be thanks to Gov. Cuomo's example in legalizing gay marriage in New York last year.

"You might call it the Andrew Cuomotization of legislators in New Jersey," Goldstein said, according to The L Magazine. "Andrew Cuomo has set the stage for the legislature in New Jersey and in other states, by championing the cause or marriage equality not begrudgingly but with gusto. And that's happening in New Jersey now."

We say three cheers for progress in the square dance state!

Do you think New Jersey has a real chance at instituting marriage equality? New Jersey Lovelies, what would you vote on a bill deciding this?