A Lovely asks:

I have used both eyeshadows brands from Sephora and drug store brands and really don't see much difference. Is one really better than the other?

Nope! Not really. Personally, I have found that more expensive eye shadows tend to be more pigmented and smoother to apply -- but that doesn't always make them better. I use a mix of Urban Decay, MAC, etc., and drug store brands and I usually mix them. They both have their pros and cons. More expensive eyeshadows tend to have better ingredients and, as I said, to be more pigmented and to have less fall out. But drug store brands typically give you more shadow for your money and apply just as smoothly, with little fall out, as long as you're careful applying them! In fact, I've found that certain drug store brands -- like Rimmel -- tend to be just as pigmented as, say, Urban Decay products and just as good! 

So, no, one is not necessarily better than the other -- in the end, it's about what you want from your eyeshadow! 

Lovelies, have you noticed a serious different between drug store brand and more expensive eyeshadows?

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