If LOL is a look into the life a generic American teen these days, then we, as the world at large, should probably just shake hands and congratulate each other for a pretty good run. We managed to bang out a solid few thousand years there as mankind, and now, with the age of Miley Cyrus exacting her reign of salvia-induced terror upon us all, we should just kinda tap out and let the universe (who apparently has a rather sadistic sense of humor) do what it will.

But before we leave it to the stars to decide our fate, let's just examine the film and its contribution to the decline of humankind. 

So here's the premise, according to me and what I gleaned from the masterpiece of a trailer: Our dear Miley plays Lola, or Lol, a teenager growing through some growing pains. She's failing school, she breaks up with her boyfriend and her mom just doesn't understand. Through some riveting scenes during which we observe Lola amidts AIM chats with her friends (Oscar-worthy acting), we learn some key info -- she's going to Paris. Ta da! Cue Miley finding herself via asking her friend to sleep with her, fighting with her mom (Demi Moore) and assimilating to foreign culture. Oh, and let's not forget the dissemination one piece of advice that will help shed light on the darkest corners of your life: "If he kisses you on the lips that means he's cool with being your boyfriend." Right, yes, how true. Thank you.

What the movie is supposed to be is a remake of a 2008 French film of the same name in which the protagonist, 15-year-old Lola, catapulted by a break-up, experiments with sex and drugs, while her mother struggles to instill some shred of propriety in her daughter's life and, apparently, deals with her own divorce. I mean, this movie could be that. And a lot of laughing. Out loud.

Generally, though, I'm having a tough time imagining what actual point LOL would have other than alerting us to the fact that our 15-year-olds are begging each other for sex because virginity at 15 is apparently a novelty these days. Other additional tidbits: Skittles (were those Skittles?) are the new party snack, and when your kids give you trouble, send 'em to Paris. 

Good times in filmmaking. LOL, which stars Miley, Demi and also Ashley Greene, doesn't have an official release date yet. 

Would you Lovelies go see LOL at the movies?