Nike recently caught our attention with the above advertisement. It features a bench with the seat removed and "RUN" with the trademark Nike Swoosh painted onto the rest. It's kind of genius. Instead of sitting down, it reminds you to keep walking, or go for a run, or even take the stairs instead of the elevator. There are tons of ways that advertisements could creatively encourage people to get fit and we want to see more of them.

1. Creative stairs. By now, you've probably seen the piano stairs video. How clever is that? And more importantly, why don't more fitness companies try that? Altering the stairs beside escalators or elevators to, say, play music, light up, or say something funny is the perfect way to encourage people to not just take the stairs, but also to think more about getting fit. It's really easy to go from taking the stairs everyday to deciding to join a gym, buy a new pair of running shoes, or invest in a new piece of exercise equipment or an exercise DVD. 

2. Little advertisements hidden in food. OK, maybe this would be impossible (would a fast food chain ever agree to it?) -- but nothing would motivate me more to go on a hike than a little advertisement hidden on the inside of a fast food wrapper. Just imagine unwrapping that greasy burger or burrito and seeing a little ad for the local gym. I'd still probably eat it -- then promptly rush the digestion process so I can go outside and run. 

3. Grocery store motivation. You know what's weird? The lack of outside advertising in supermarkets. You would think that this would have been capitalized on by now, but it's not. Not that I necessarily want a giant ad for Wheaties or American Eagle screaming at me as I'm trying to pick out asparagus, but I wouldn't mind a few good ads sprinkled throughout the snack aisles. Nothing invasive or weird, but just little reminders to get active after enjoying a few handfuls of potato chips (ha, just kidding, the whole bag). I'm imagining runners' footprints down the aisle, ending with an ad for Nike shoes or little dumb bells attached to shelves as ads for local gyms.  

What do you think? Do you want to see more ads that encourage people to get active? 

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