Mila's grown up so much since her That 70's Show days. Arguably, she's following in her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman's footsteps as the new face of Christian Dior, but I think she will undoubtedly put her own spin on the advertisements.


Out Lovelies have a collective girl crush on Mila, so it's no surprise that we're excited by this news. These first ads for the Miss Dior handbag debut in Asian and and European editions of Elle on January 15. Kunis joins the Dior sisters Marion Cotillard, who will remain the face of Lady Dior handbags, Natalie Portman, and Miss Dior Cherie and J'adore Dior perfume spokesmodel Charlize Theron. [via People

"I'm honestly just learning about fashion," Kunis confessed to Women's Wear Daily that she's more of a "jeans and T-shirt" type. "In my daily life, I don't wear the most feminine pieces. But I love to feel feminine when I'm on the red carpet." Mila should fit right in with the family at Dior, especially based on her description of her experience so far, "I find that Dior is an incredibly grounded house. I always thought what Dior does is so sophisticated, feminine and beautiful." [via Women's Wear Daily]

What do you think of Mila as the new face for Dior? Aren't her photos just gorgeous? I can't wait to see what Dior gowns she'll wear to her upcoming red carpets.