While Facebook is no stranger to controversy, it is now facing some in a surprising area: abortion rights.


Women on Waves is an organization that travels by boat to countries where abortion is banned. There they board women, and provide some of them with early term abortions. The organization also provides sex education to women not necessarily seeking the procedure.

Recently the director of the nonprofit, Rebecca Gomperts, posted a photo on Facebook that instructed how to use the drug misoprostol (sometimes sold as Cytotec) to induce abortion at home. Facebook then removed her photo on December 30, causing an online uproar. Women on Waves responded by saying Facebook was violating human rights, stating:

By removing the profile picture, Facebook is in gross violation of Article 19, the right to freedom of information, of the Universal declaration of Human rights. Facebook has a social responsibility to guarantee human rights.

After much deliberation, arguing and debate amongst internet users, Facebook issued an apology yesterday, stating that the photo was "removed in error." Gomperts has credited protestors and journalists as the cause for Facebook's response. [via Jezebel]

What do you think of Facebook removing the photo?