I won't lie to you: I spend maybe 10 minutes on my skincare, haircare, and make up routine every day. And I wasn't blessed with good skin. In fact, my skin is actually pretty horrible. I have acne-prone combination skin -- my forehead and skin was always super oily, whereas no matter what, the skin on my nose and cheeks and under my eyes will be so dry, it flakes under any make up. I have genetically large pores as well, which is really a recipe for disaster. But I've found a few little solutions to keeping my skin looking good, even when every genetic factor is apparently against me.

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The answer is masks. I used to be all about store-bought masks, but I eventually found that they either helped the skin on my forehead and chin, but continued to dry out the skin on my cheeks. Or they would help the skin on my cheeks and turn my forehead into the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. Plus, they tend to be wicked expensive. They don't work for me personally - although a lot of them are great for a quick fix. 

I started researching homemade masks and settled on a few favorites. These are great because they are usually things most of us already have sitting around the house and they take about 30 seconds to mix up. 

When I'm having a break out, I dissolve one aspirin in a little of water and combine with a teaspoon of honey. I smear this over my chin and forehead and let sit for only 10 minutes. Seriously, only 10. This reduces the redness in my skin and any breakouts. (However, if you leave it on too long, it can irritate your skin, so be careful.) 

If my skin is being ridiculously stubbornly dry, I will mash about half an avocado with a bit of honey and smear it across only the dry areas of my face. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse. While you're waiting feel free to slap the other half of the avocado on a piece of toast and munch away. So it's a mask and a snack at once. 

If these two don't sound like they're for you, try some homemade pore strips, an egg white mask or a milk and honey mask.   

Lovelies, what do you do for stubborn skin? Do you have any lazy tips for girls with skin problems?