Wait, what? That's right. Never to be outdone, Lady Gaga performed among other names like Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj, but stole the show -- and the headlines -- with her polite peck with Mayor Michael Bloomberg when the ball dropped in Times Square Saturday night. Apparently Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend was there for the ceremony as well, but must've had to find her own international pop star to kiss. 

Three wardrobe changes included the above gold ensemble, the glitzy crystal-fest pictured in the lead photo, and her head-to-toe black number including a spherical head-cage (naturally) for her stage performance of "Heavy Metal Lover," "Marry The Night" and "Born This Way." I think she was amazing, per usual. See Gaga's performance below and take a look at her outfits from the ceremony in the gallery.

Did you attend or watch the event on TV? What did you think of the kiss, super awkward?