A new year is here, which for me usually means making extensive lists of goals that I may or may not accomplish in 52 weeks. However, I'm sure you've started to notice that I'm pretty obsessed with nail art, so these are a few manicures that I would like to try this year. It's 2012 and time to step my game up.

1. Splatter Manicure Sarah at Chalkboard Nails, one of the nail blogs I follow religiously, posted a tutorial on how to do a splatter manicure, but I've been too scared to try it. Like water marbling, it seems intimidating and can easily go wrong.

2. Aztec Manicure I've never even thought about attempting this on myself, because uhhh, look at that? That looks impossible. However, after reading this tutorial, I think it might be doable.

3. Lightening Bolt Manicure One of my goals this year is to improve my skills with scotch tape manicures, and the lightening bolt seems like a good place to start.

4. Gradient Manicure I honestly don't know why I haven't tried this one yet, considering I'm pretty skilled with using a makeup sponge on my nails and I love glitter.

5. Stripes I've never had good luck with doing stripes on my nails. I always think they turn out sloppy, even though I have a steady hand. Those of you that have mastered stripes, is there a particular tool you're using that I should invest in?

6. Newspaper Nails As a journalism graduate, newspapers have been consistently relevant in my life. I've read a few tutorials on transferring newspaper print to nails, but I don't have a quality white nail polish, which I'm guessing makes a huge difference.

7. Sushi Nails
 Eating is probably my second favorite thing to do, especially when it involves nomin' on some raw fish. Unfortunately, Texas isn't known for its seafood and sushi is a little more expensive here, so I'll just attempt to put it on my nails instead.

8. Mustache Manicure Do I really have to explain this one?

Do you have any advice on successfully completing any of the manicures on this list? Do y'all have any particular manicures you want to try this year?