I just got home from Christmas vacation last night, and while I'm busy with unpacking and getting a NYE outfit prepared, I'm also prepping for New Years Day. Blankets are out, pillows stacked and I've staked a claim on the couch for tomorrow morning. While we've already compiled a handy list for beating your hangover, here are some tips for when doing so is a lost cause.

1. Brunch.
Aside from serious medical injuries, brunch is the only reason worth leaving your house if you're hungover on New Years Day (or even if you aren't). You can convene with friends and whine about how awful you feel while gleefully sipping on mimosas. And the food is bound to make your poor stomach happy.

2. Bathtime.
Drag yourself to the coffee maker, grab a magazine and then head to the tub. While I'm all for water conservation, you don't have to tell anyone if you re-fill it once the water gets tepid. What's more refreshing than a steamy bath? And if you only have a shower, opt for the less-dignified but just-as-refreshing "sitting on the floor" move. The water hitting your back will feel pretty great.

3. Netflix.
I mean, duh. While you could sit around watching DVDs all day, this way you don't even have to get up and change them. Make yourself a nice, dark blanket fort and catch up on your queue. I also highly advise stocking up on food at your bedside. Lots of it. "Not getting up" is a big part of New Year's Day.

4. More booze.
It may sound absolutely terrible when you first pry your eyes open, but hair of the dog really does the trick. For a bit. Just keep up a power trio of mimosas, Advil and water, and hope that by the time you sober up your body can face the day.

5. Pity party.
As with brunch, a pity party is a great way to complain about hangovers while having fun with friends. Just draw from the ideas above (though perhaps not the bath one), have some friends over and suffer together.

Do you Lovelies have any New Year's Day tips?