You'll have to forgive me. The Neverending Story is my... favorite movie. Bastian and Atreyu and Artax and the Empress and the Great Nothing... and the rock eater. The movie steals my heart every time. So naturally I have to post about finding not only that someone shares my adoration, but that they've found an incredible metaphor for our newfangled e-readers: they really are neverending stories. 

Something about that auryn, the emblem on the cover. Either way, while I'm reminiscing, this handmade leather case from Etsy seller GrimcatProducts will set you back $58.95, to me a small price to pay (since my DODOcase set me back that much anyway) for such genuine nostalgia. Pardon my nerdiness.

Is this thrilling to anyone else? What book would you want to see as an e-reader cover?