OK, so we're already assuming that you're going to get gussied up for New Year's. If you're planning to kick it at home (ahem, like myself more than likely), naturally your hair accessory is probably a pillow. But if you're going out, and maybe it's not the absolute soiree of the century but you still want to devote a little glitter to the occasion, give these headbands a whirl. In most cases, a headband is just an embellishment -- and it stays put -- no extra styling needed (unless you want to!) and it looks like you, yah know, tried

'Royce Flowers' Headband, $38.00 from Nordstrom

This headband can be thrown in with a mess of curls, up or down, and it'll add some incredible twinkle to your look. Seriously, I think I might just wear this at home and be me own princess New Year.

Sugar Plume Fairy Headband, $29.99 from ModCloth

So Sassy. Dress up a little black dress with this massively awesome statement headband from ModCloth and confidently boogie the night away.

'Fashionably Late' Sequin Bow Headband, $38.00 from Nordstrom

What's that you say? A black-tie affair? Well lucky you, you've got just the thing. A little floppy and whimsy, and a whole lot of fun, a girl with short hair could take this to the next level... Beca.

'Simple Sparkle' Headband, $38.00 from Nordstrom

If it really is a black-tie affair, perhaps something understated and feminine is up your alley.

Feather Rhinestone Headband, $19.00 from Bebe

Want to make an entrance? This headband will do a little gravity-defying feather wobbling while you wear it, so it's definitely a conversation starter.

If ever there was an excuse to dip a toe into the silly and fun in your accessories, New Year's Eve is that occasion. These headbands run the gamut of possibilities, so hopefully at least one can strike your fancy. Have a safe and fabulous New Year's Eve and a happy new year.

Which ones would you wear?