There's nothing wrong with spring cleaning, but I imagine I would have reached hoarder-levels of junk if I didn't make myself deep clean parts of my life more often. Getting new luggage for Christmas is awesome, but no one wants to start off the year weighed down with old baggage. Washing those dishes in your sink is a good start, but don't forget to clean up these places before the big 2012 begins. 

1. Your car. Most weeks, my car looks more like a bathroom counter in the front seat and a trash can in the back seat. I'm notorious for doing my make up and hair in the car (dangerous, I know), so all of my headbands, bobby pins and my whole cosmetics bag live on the center console of my car. The backseat is literally filled with Starbucks cups, pastry bags and empty Smart Water bottles. I always put it off way too long, but as soon as I park that sucker near a dumpster and fill Target bags with all of the trash, wipe down my cup holder and dashboard from all the Bare Minerals and collect all of the bobby pins from the floor boards, I become a better, less stressed-out driver. Don't forget to Windex your rear-view mirror -- it really does make a difference.

2. Your fridge and kitchen cabinets. Seeing expiration dates from the previous year always makes me feel a new level of shame. Even if you're great about using up or throwing away food before it expires, there are probably some non-perishable items in your cupboards or freezer that you haven't eaten after a year and take up precious space where you could be storing new, healthy foods in the new year. If the food doesn't absolutely have to be thrown out, throw a potluck dinner party with friends or donate the dry food to your local food pantry.

3. Your intimates drawer. The back of your intimates drawer is probably a little neglected. Under wire bras break and straps get stretched out. Lace panties get pills after too many washes and cotton undies are prone to holes. Not to mention, tights with runs and worn-down socks. Clear out what you aren't wearing (even on laundry day) to make room for new, exciting purchases.

4. Your cosmetics bag. Even if you buy new makeup on a fairly regular basis, you probably don't throw away the old stuff as often. Since makeup expires and old makeup isn't good for your skin, there's no reason to save ancient products. If you aren't using it anymore or you can't remember when you bought it, throw it out.

5. Your phone contacts. You know that contact "Dean-Beauty Bar" who you only remember because you scroll past him on the way to your dad's number? Delete it. Or the ex you accidentally drunk dial at least once a month? Delete him too. When you clean out the tangible parts of your life, go ahead and get rid of anyone who holds you back or keeps you in the past. Start the new year without anything weighing you down.

Have you already started cleaning for the new year? What other area of your life need a good deep cleaning?