New Year's Eve has always been a holiday that either exceeds expectations or falls miserably short of them. One year you're dancing until 3 p.m. and the next you're drunk and alone, eating sad eggs at a sad diner at midnight. This year, Lovelyish has some tips for glitzing up your NYE, thoroughly impressing  friends and hopefully making it a night to remember.

1. Learn to suavely open champagne.
Skip the embarrassing grunting and growling at booze bottles with these handy videos. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never opened a bottle of champagne solo (I'm afraid of being unexpectedly startled by the popping sound), but I may have to stock up on bubbly and try these out.

2. Keep your composure. While NYE may seem like a great time to get hammered, you probably shouldn't ring in 2012 wearing tiara while crouched over a toilet. This is quite the social holiday, and it provides lots of opportunities for meeting people and making first impressions. Hanging on to someone you've known for an hour and calling them your best friend (they were SO NICE for helping you up off the dance floor) does not usually bode well for one's social life. Have fun, but not so much that your wits aren't about you.

3. Take a minute to look at the news before heading out.
At Christmas gatherings this week I struck up significantly more conversations with relatives than in years past. It was because I tried a little trick earlier in the day; skimming NPR for some light, interesting news to mention to quiet Aunt Gladys. Find an intriguing or quirky topic to discuss with people at your NYE celebration. While most folks don't want to party while chatting about the drug war in Mexico, track down a recipe, artist or news story to bring up during any lulls in conversation.

4. Learn a cool party trick.
While no one likes an attention hog at an event, a little showing off never hurt anyone. Take advantage of YouTube and research a neat trick or two, then use your new-found talent to impress people at the bar later. You can even try to egg a drunk friend into betting against a stunt: it could result in a free drink or a midnight kiss!

5. Dress and act to shine!
NYE is all about fireworks, and your attire shouldn't be any different. Don't be afraid to stand out in sequins, bright colors and whatever silly-but-festive accessories you like. Most importantly, keep a smile on your face throughout the night! Friends and strangers will notice, you'll look even more radiant and perhaps smiling will even rub off some happy karmic energy on the new year.

My NYE plans are up in the air right now, but you can bet I'll be watching the video for  No. 4 before going out.

What are your New Year's plans? What was your best NYE experience?