In your "these people must have so much money to squabble over such silly things" news of the day, it seems that jewelry designer David Yurman is rather peeved at Kate Moss in regards to the shots for her new jewelry line.

Yurman says that Moss' ad for Fred (right) rips off the shoot she did for him a year ago (left). While they are incredibly similar, Tiffany Yanetta over at Racked poses a legit question: don't most jewelry ads mirror each other? She says:

A quick Google search revealed that most high-end jewelry ads contain at least one of the following three elements, if not all: topless-ness, a hand-in-front-of-the-face pose, and sprawling out on your belly, topless.

Check out the gallery for some of her examples and decide for yourself! [via Racked]

Indeed, it does seem that "jewelry ad" often equals "naked woman putting her hands all over her face." Frankly, I think most of them distract from beautiful pieces by being dominated with beautiful women. Without looking, can you tell me what Kate is wearing in each of the photos above? Better yet, can you describe and decide if you like them? I couldn't! Just give me shiny, sparkly shots to drool over; I may not be able to afford the jewelry, but at least I'll enjoy it more.

What do you think of the ads? Would you prefer jewelry ads to not have models in them?