Ah, the walk of shame. The college town I used to live in was big enough to trek everywhere on foot, so an early Saturday morning drive was filled with the sight of disheveled students shuffling back to their dorms. One particular dawn found me in your standard “shame” state: heels clutched in hand, wine-stained dress ripping at a seam and hair falling out of the clip I slept in. The thing was, I hadn’t actually done anything “shameful” (OK, drinking too much and passing out on a girlfriend’s couch is kind of shameful, but you know what the term implies), but I still felt like the scum of the earth as I passed so many perky morning joggers.

It was then I realized that it’s not the reason you’re stumbling back at 6 a.m., but the state you’re in that makes the event so embarrassing. Apparently Harvey Nicols saw this as well, and has created a hilarious ad that may hit pretty close to home for some. I especially love the shot of the girl angrily ripping into some food, since that’s pretty much me with a hangover. And mad props to the company for using a number of ladies with different body types!

And I know people are going to complain that the girl at the end only looks great because of makeup, but hey, the ad was funny!

What do you think of it?