Marc Jacobs may have had some bad luck lately, what with his entire spring collection being stolen, but it seems that at least his romantic life is looking up.

Jacobs, who has a history of dating hunky young men (wouldn't we all like that rap sheet?), is being linked to Brazillian adult film star Harry Louis. Louis does most of his work in London, where he and Jacobs supposedly met. While they were photographed together in Paris recently, neither man has said anything about the relationship (or lack thereof). 

I'm not really fazed at the idea of Jacobs dating a p0rn star, and I'm sure most of the people who would be disapprove of his sexuality to begin with. As long as he's happy and keeps producing great fashion, he can make out with whoever he wants!

What do you think of Jacobs, or any celeb, possibly dating a p0rn star? Would you ever date a porn star?